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Who We Are

Our Partners

We rely on a wide range of local and international partners, both organizations and individuals, who offer their services, specialist skills, goods in kind and other means of supporting the work that we do. We are grateful for their ongoing assistance and commitment.


Agricultural Research and Extension Unit


North of England Zoological Society (Chester Zoo)

Air Mauritius

Island Conservation

Mauritius Telecom

Alliance for Zero Extinction

Island Conservation Society (Seychelles)

Parc National de La Réunion

Barnard, Véronique


Police Helicopter Squadron

BirdLife International

La Sentinelle Ltd

Prime Minister’s Office (Home Office)

Botanical Gardens Conservation International

Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation

Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre

Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin, Réunion

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

Raphael Fishing

Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest (France)

Mauritius Herbarium

Rodrigues Catholic Education Authority

Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund

Mauritius Marine Conservation Society

Rodrigues College

Crosières Austral

Mauritius Meteorological Service

Rodrigues Council of Social Services

Currimjee Foundation

Mauritius Museums Council

Reef Conservation Mauritius

Discovery Rodrigues

Ministry of Agro Industry, Food Production and Security

Rodrigues Education Development Company

Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology

Ministry of Environment and National Development Unit

Rodrigues Police for Environment

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Ministry of Fisheries

Rodrigues Regional Assembly

Ecole Hôtelière de Maurice

Ministry of Health and Quality of Life

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, UK


Ministry of Labour

Royal Society of Arts and Science

Editions Vizavi

Ministry of Tourism

SAFRING (University of Cape Town)


Ministry of Education and Human Resources

Seychelles Island Foundation

Fondation Tany Meva

Ministry for Rodrigues

Shoals Rodrigues

Forestry Service (Mauritius and Rodrigues)

Ministry of Defence

Société d’Etudes Ornithologique de La Réunion

Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute

National Coast Guard

Special Mobile Force

François Leguat Ltd

National Heritage Fund (Ministry of Arts and Culture)

Universities of Aarhus, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, East Anglia, Fort Hare, Kent, Kwazula-Natal, London, Mauritius, North-West, Nottingham Trent, Pretoria, Reading, Réunion, Stanford, Swansea and Zurich

Global Invasive Species Programme

National Parks and Conservation Service

Viva Voce Ltd (Radio One)

International Zoo Veterinary Group / Wildlife Vets International

Natural History Museum (London)

Nature Seychelles

News on Sunday

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