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How To Help

Adopt an Animal

Symbolic animal adoptions for individuals 
(companies, groups or associations are not entitled)

Individuals have the possibility to support our projects by making a symbolic adoption of an animal species for only Rs 1,000 + postal charges (the symbolic adoption gives no right to the species – postage fees of Foreign country: between Rs 500 and Rs 800, and Local: as from Rs 200).

Six animal species are available for adoption:


Pink Pigeon                                
(Nesoenas mayeri 
 Mauritius Fody
(Foudia rubra)
                     Olive White-eye
                     (Zosterops chloronothos)  
Aldabra Giant Tortoise
(Aldabrachelys gigantea)
Ornate Day Gecko
(Phelsuma ornata)
                      Echo Parakeet
                      (Psittacula eques)

The animal adoption is valid for one year, starting from the date the adoption is processed.  

Everyone adopting an animal will receive an adoption pack which includes: 

* a welcome letter
* a personalized certificate
* a poster of the animal species you have chosen
By supporting our animal adoption scheme you are also contributing to our conservation projects.


If you are school, group or association caring for children kindly contact adoptions@mauritian-wildlife.org