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How To Help

How you can help

The Mauritian Wildlife is seeking funds so as to carry out different conservation and sensitisation projects. We are convinced that everyone, at their respective level and in their own way, can contribute to safeguarding our national heritage. This can be done:


- By visiting Ile aux Aigrettes with your family or friends
- By making a donation (in cash or in-kind)
- By becoming an employee or volunteer
- By purchasing Mauritian Wildlife products available through our shops
- By subscribing to our ‘Adopt an Animal’ programme


At the beginning of every year, the Mauritian Wildlife sends project appeals (detailed presentations of conservation projects, objectives, beneficiaries, equipment, required resources and budgets) to companies. These documents allow companies to have an accurate picture of the substantial work done by the NGO and the reasons why we need support.


- By creating a marketing partnership
- By offering a financial contribution from your CSR (Corporate
- Social Responsibility) budget
- By donating equipment or supplies
- By participating in an activity with your colleagues


In a changing environment, the Mauritian Wildlife is aware that it must be proactive in order to offer all firms the opportunity to be part of an ecological and environmental initiative. To that end, we wish to be sensitive to the concerns of the actors of our society. That is why we seek to meet CSR leaders to discuss about the most effective ways to establish a partnership matching their philosophy.