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Grab a chance to work for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) and discover the beautiful fauna and flora of the country. 

Mauritius has opened the borders as from 1st October 2020 but with conditions. There are limited flights and all arrivals spend 14 days in quarantine at an allocated hotel and pay for this as well as medical expenses. This costs around Rs 50,000 – Rs 60,000 (US$ / UKP / Euros +1,000). Applications for work or volunteer visas are not being accepted currently and when this does happen we anticipate the processing will take a few months. We have recruited a number of staff, interns and volunteers who will have priority when we are able to apply for visas. We will re-open our recruitment to overseas candidates when processes become clearer and conditions for entry to Mauritius have been confirmed and are operational. We will put a notice up on this website page and also announce it on the MWF Facebook.

The position

A unique opportunity to work with endangered endemic flora and contribute to their recovery.  The position offers the successful applicant the opportunity to learn or consolidate a wide range of horticultural and ecosystem restoration skills, while working closely with our flora staff, on:

- Conducting plant searches and surveys in the field to obtain information on distribution, phenology and survivorship of threatened endemic plants
- Conducting nursery work at two sites, Pigeon Wood and Ile aux Aigrettes
- Collection of plant materials and propagation using various techniques
- Plant aftercare and control of invertebrate pest
- Collecting and processing seeds for seed banking
- Planting and providing aftercare
- Monitoring of plants re-introduced in the wild
- Control of invasive plant species
- Collecting, entering and managing data
- Communicating with different stakeholders through education and awareness activities
- Preparing progress reports
- Ecosystem restoration of Round Island

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