Grab a chance to work for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) and discover the beautiful fauna and flora of the country. 

The position

The position offers successful applicants the opportunity to learn a wide range of field skills covering; monitoring of breeding birds (nest & territory location), bird handling (ringing & collection of morphometric measurements), disease screening & treatment, predator control, post mortems & supplementary feeding. A testimonial will be provided on completion of the period testifying to the training completed.


This is an exciting opportunity to work with a species and a project that is known internationally amongst conservationists, to contribute to the recovery of the species and interact with conservation biologists from around the world. We regularly run talks and presentations given both by visiting scientists and our own staff where you will learn about other conservation recovery projects run by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

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The position: We are looking for a highly self-motivated and conscientious volunteer to work on Ile aux Aigrettes and assist the reptile teamto:

  • Monitor the health, distribution and abundance of the Günther’s gecko population and monitor egg sites
  • Enhance Telfair’s skink productivity through rearing of wild hatchlings and invertebrate food colonies
  • Assist in disease screening and care for reptiles when required
  • Control of invasive alien species and apply bio-security measures
  • Conduct post-mortem examinations on endemic and exotic animals
  • Conduct basic routine maintenance work on the project facilities

The work involves intensive systematic searches throughout the forest on the island, reptile capture, handling and assessment of condition and health. Invasive species control is an ongoing and important component of the work. Accurate data collection/entry and reporting are a necessity and the volunteer will be expected to talk to tourists/visitors about their work and assist with VIP tours and student workshops on the island.The volunteer will receive training and guidance from the reptile team and assist with other projects when required.

We need the volunteer to commit for a six-month period as from March 2020.

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