How To Help

How your donation helps

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) has several projects in the running every year. Below is a list of the projects:

  • Thretened reptiles translocation project
  • The Round Islant habitat restoration project
  • The seabird translocation project
  • Ecosystems reconstructions using Giant Tortoises project
  • Human/wildlife cohabitation project
  • The Mauritius Cuckoo-shrike conservaton project
  • The Echo Parakeet conservation project
  • The Mauritius Fody conservation project
  • The Mauritius Kestrel conservation project
  • The Mauritius Olive White-eye conservation project
  • The Mauritius Pink Pigeon project
  • The Mauritius Fruit Bat Project
  • Captive Breeding Project at the Gerald Durell Endemic Wildlife sanctuary
  • Learning with Nature education projecy
  • The Ile aux Cocos and Ile aux Sables restaurant project (Rodrigues)
  • Rodrigues environmental education project (Rodrigues)
  • The Grande Montagne Reserve restauration project (Rodrigues)
  • The Anse-Quitor nature reserve restoration project (Rodrigues)
Your donation will help in the funding of one or more of these listed projects.