Symbolic animal adoptions

You have the possibility to support our projects by making a symbolic adoption of an animal species for only Rs 1,000 + postal charges (the symbolic adoption gives no right to the species – postage fees: Foreign country Rs 500).

Six animal species are available for adoption:


Pink Pigeon                                
(Nesoenas mayeri 
 Mauritius Fody
(Foudia rubra)
Olive White-eye
(Zosterops chloronothos)  
Aldabra Giant Tortoise
(Aldabrachelys gigantea)
Ornate Day Gecko
(Phelsuma ornata)
Echo Parekeet
(Psittacula eques)

The animal adoption is valid for one year, commencing from the date the adoption is processed.  

Everyone adopting an animal will receive an adoption pack which includes: 

* a welcome letter
* a personalized certificate
* a poster of the animal species you have chosen
* a silicon bracelet
* a t-shirt
By supporting our animal adoption scheme you are also contributing to our conservation projects.

List of Adopters for year 2015      
 Updated: 27th October 2015
Agardsson Anneli Gaillard, Jean Claude Moeller, Claudia
Andersson Hans-Ake Gandoo, Sandra Molteno, Steven
Anonymous Goette, Carsten  Moonesawmy, Talayven 
Baichoo, Reshma Goetz, Christine  Murugan, Dravid 
Beckman Olof Gould, Jocelyne  Murugan, Thamarai 
Benoit, Johanne  Goupille, Family Noel, Gregoire
Bergmann Else Marie Guillochon, Florence Partridge, Andy 
Bergmann Karl Otto Hurdowar, Kiran Kumar Patel, Husna
Bergström Ulla Hurgobin, Leila Patel, Husna
Bhadai, Anusha  Jeppesen Erna Pavlov Ivan
Borchgrevink Astrid Juwaheer, Jay Pavlov Kirill
Borchgrevink Egil Juwaheer, Ritrik Pilot, Johan
Boulle, Nathalie Kappeler, Thomas Ramasawmy, Rani
Casquet, Juliane  Koppe Asa Sharpe, Theron
CEAL (gifts for individuals) Koppe Erik Sockalingum, Vel 
Deloisy, Valerie Koppe Marcus Sockalingum, Vellina 
Dhakoo, Jenny Lan Fat Po, Therese Stunkel, Claudia 
Dickaty, Louisette Larsson Niklas Tanner, Maureen
Ekesiöö Asa Lindeqvist Jonas Tollington, Simon
Ekesiöö Karl Loreto Junior School Curepipe Venkatasamy, Darshana
Eriksson Nils-Arne Magny-Antoine, Veronique Virama, Michelle
Ersberg Söderin Inger Mandlmeier, Thomas Volkhausen, Martin 
Esther, Monia Marchand, Mr Widlund Johan
Filsinger, Angelika  Mjörning Anna-Lena Wong, Jacques Laval
Forget, Philippe  Mjörning Kjell Yeung Yam Wah, Sharon

Although much care has been taken not to miss any company or individual,
kindly contact  if your name/company name has been omitted or misspelled in this list.

We thank you for your understanding.

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