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Visit Ile aux Aigrettes on one of our guided tours and travel back in time to discover what Mauritius would have looked like over 400 years ago, before the arrival of man and his devastating impact on the environment.  

Ile aux Aigrettes                                    

Ile aux Aigrettes is a small island with an area of 26 Ha. It is situated some 850 m off the south east coast in the Mahebourg Bay.

Unlike mainland Mauritius which is of volcanic origin, Ile aux Aigrettes is made up of coralline limestone partially overlain with sand and humus and is what remains of an eroded dune exposed after a drop in the sea level some 10,000 years ago.

Coastal vegetation                                 

The island was declared a Nature Reserve in 1965 and is under active management of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation since 1986.

Ile aux Aigrettes contains the remnants of a unique coastal vegetation type that once existed on the coastal and lowland areas of Mauritius.

Ebony Forest                                          
Free from human presence for long periods, Ile aux Aigrettes is a natural museum where a remarkable collection of endemic species of Mauritian fauna and flora have evolved.

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