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  • The growing threat of introduced species
    Mauritian endemic species are found no-where else in the world and are a source of pride for all Mau Read more
  • Fauna and Flora of Mauritius: a weekly feature: MWF Files
    We have grouped these weekly articles by month and list them below in a downloadable format. Read more
  • Special Holiday promo for Mauritians on Ile aux Aigrettes
    Visit the Blue Bay Marine Park in a glass bottom Read more
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Endangered Species Recovery: April-September 2015
    Sign up on one of the modules Read more
  • Best Amateur Film in 2014 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York
    Paradise Island, back from the brink Read more
  • Missouri Botanical Gardens honours Mr Gabriel d’Argent
    Mr d’Argent is MWF’s longest serving and eldest staff member Read more
  • Indianapolis Prize 2014 Finalist- MWF scientific director Prof. Carl Jones.
    watch video of Carl Jones for this event. Read more
  • Atelier sur la gestion des espèces exotiques envahissantes de l’Océan Indien
    Des représentants de Maurice, Rodrigues, Réunion, Madagascar, Comores, Mayotte, Seychelles Read more
  • Mauritius Kestrel
    Our results suggest that human activities can leave a legacy on wild birds through natal environment Read more
  • Approval of the First Strategic Project for Mauritius Under the GEF Small Grants Programme
    Press Communique: Ferney Valley Read more
  • Rodrigues Fruit Bat voted Number 1 AZE 'Wonder'
    Rodrigues Fruit Bat voted Number 1 AZE 'Wonder' Read more
  • Ile Cocos Invasive Species Management Workshop
    The brochure “Protégeons L’Ile Cocos Rodrigues’ can be read and download on the MWF website Read more
  • The Mauritian Wildlife is looking for VOLUNTEERS
    To actively participate in events and activities Read more
  • Ongoing volunteering opportunities
    MWF has traditionally accepted volunteers on a long-term basis Read more
  • MAURITIAN WILDLIFE FOUNDATION Is looking for Mauritian Field volunteers
    Mauritian Field Volunteers, read more. Read more
  • Volunteer Plant Conservationist
    Ile aux Aigrettes, Pigeon Wood (Black River Gorges National Park), Round Island & other plant restor Read more
  • Part time Volunteers for the Fundraising Shop on Ile aux Aigrettes
    Join our team and support our fundraising efforts! Read more
  • Volunteer- Gerald Durrell Endemic Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Keeper
    Volunteer- Gerald Durrell Endemic Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Keeper Read more
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Jobs Opportunities
  • MWF is looking for the post of Account Officer
    Skills and abilities Read more

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is the only non-governmental organization (NGO) in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation and preservation of the nation's endangered plant and animal species.

Our hands-on conservation projects are carried out in Mauritius including the offshore islets and Rodrigues. We work closely with local and international partners, with the long-term aim of recreating lost ecosystems by saving some of our rarest species from extinction and restoring the native forest. Another important part of our work is to raise awareness about conservation issues through our education programme. 

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This is the new website of MWF, and some details are still being finalized. If you have any comments or ideas please let us know by email  Webmaster.